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Musical Instruments, Jewelry, Tools, and Guns

Count on Sumter Pawn and Gun to provide you with great items. We offer new and used guns, musical instruments, jewelry, and tools. Our stock changes daily, so let us know what you are looking for and we can help you out. Call us at (888) 383-7225 to ask about our pawnshop.
Jewelry - Musical Instruments in Oswego, SC

New and Used Guns (Special Order Options Available)
Sumter Pawn and Gun specializes in buying and selling a cornucopia of new and used guns from brands like Winchester™ and Remington™. Please note that federal law requires ID and background checks on all gun purchases. We offer:

• Rifles
• Assault Rifles
• Shotguns
• Hand Guns
• Black Powder
• Muzzleloaders
• Gun Cases
• Scopes
• Holsters

Our pawnshop features a great selection of new and used jewelry. We carry most items in gold and exotic metals, such as 10K to 24K white and yellow gold, platinum, and titanium. Other jewelry includes birthstone, precious stone, and semiprecious stone pieces. We sell:
• Rings/Earrings • Necklaces/Bracelets • Pendants


Musical Instruments:

• Drums
• Pianos
• Brass Instruments
• Keyboards
• Clarinets
• Oboes
• Trumpets
• Trombones
• Woodwind Instruments
• Flutes
• Saxophones
• Electric and Acoustic Guitars



• Cordless Drills
• Miter/Band Saws
• Table Saws
• Hand Saws
• Electrical Tools
• Sockets
• Wrenches
• Screwdrivers
• Masonry Tools


Contact us in Sumter, South Carolina, at (888) 383-7225 for
more information about our selection of musical instruments.